We run a Senior Attendance Centre in Hampshire near to Southampton which is aimed at addressing offending behaviour.

The Attendance Centre is for 18 – 24-year-olds, and runs fortnightly on Saturday mornings. This intervention is punitive for participants, as it restricts their time, and has a rehabilitative purpose.

The centre is run by experienced facilitators who deliver talks and interactive sessions for young people on a wide range of subjects including:

• drug and alcohol awareness

• victim awareness

• problem-solving skills

• budgeting and management of personal and household finances

• healthy lifestyles – how exercise and diet improves wellbeing

• support in writing CVs and interview skills

• healthy relationships

• managing anger


• Sentence of between 12 – 36 hours

• three-hour sessions fortnightly on Saturdays

Attendance Centres were first launched in the 1960s to combat football hooliganism. They ran from 3pm on Saturday so that people sentenced to attend them couldn’t go to a match and operated like boot camps.