Service User Council update

The Service User Council has been in operation since November 2016. In partnership with User Voice the CRC has held 5 Service User Councils in 2017. The Councils are chaired by Stephen Czajewski COO and attended by Service User Council members and staff from each Hub.

The Service User Council Members hold surgeries in our offices, reporting centres and projects to gain the views of our service users about what is working well and improvements they would like to see. This information is collated by User Voice and used to help the Service User Council members construct solutions to some of the issues raised. The Service User Council members table Proposals at each Council for consideration.
The Proposals have covered a variety of issues from accommodation, employment help for service users, and the creation of a One Stop Shop. Service User Council members have worked with a range of staff in taking these proposals forward.

The Service User Council Members also share examples of the positive comments they hear from our service users about your work and the support you provide. A few examples:

“Yes, my worker is helping me with council and housing and I am finding it easier this time because he is helping me to take responsibility”

“They done a preliminary test and I am on the autistic scale which probation are helping me with”

“Yes my officer has a good attitude towards me, and we both help each other and she goes the extra mile and the right attitude helps me with my order”

Progress on proposals so far …
The CRC has established Accommodation Champions working in each Hub to help teams engage proactively with local services who can help reduce homelessness and support people to achieve stable accommodation.
A Job Club run by the ETE team with a CRC volunteer, Louisa Cosgrove, has started at the Aldershot ATP. There are plans to move the Job Club around the ATPs in 2018 to enable as many service users as possible to benefit.
A small group of staff and Council Members are working on the idea of developing and piloting a monthly ‘One Stop Shop’ at the Aldershot ATP. This aims to bring local services into the project once a month over the lunch period.
Staff and service users are also working on the development of an information booklet of services which can be made available in reception/reporting centres and on a poster which defines our joint commitment to timeliness.

Where can I find out more?
The minutes, proposals and progress against proposals are available on Local WISDOM/staff engagement/service user council.
If you are interested in getting involved please speak to your Interchange Manager and contact Rachael Loveridge Network Developer.

Please encourage your service users to get involved
User Voice are always looking for service users who are interested in volunteering and becoming part of the Service User Council.
Simon Edwards is keen to hear from you about any interested service users. Simon Edwards User Voice Engagement Team Member can be contacted on or 07539 348846