House saved for Petersfield resident

House saved for Petersfield resident image

A team of offenders on Community Payback have ensured a resident in Petersfield can stay in her home where she has lived for the past 20 years.

The resident who has mental health issues was threatened with eviction by her housing association which took issue with the state of the gardens around the house. The gardens were covered with significant undergrowth which was encroaching on the house and had not been touched for more than 15 years.

HIOW CRC was contacted by the resident’s social worker, Chris who was trying to prevent the vulnerable resident being evicted.
Supervisor Ian Ogilvy said: “Chris was quite desperate as the housing association were ready to evict the resident due to the overgrown front and back gardens.

“Community Payback was the last hope of getting the jungle of a garden cleared to stop the eviction going ahead and the resident losing her home.

“A group of offenders on Community Payback was sent to the property and spent the day clearing the front and back gardens which had not been touched for over 15 years.

“They worked tirelessly throughout the day and got the gardens looking fantastic, they filled dozens of hippo bags with the cut down vegetation. Not only was the social worker impressed with the amount of work carried out, but the neighbours were in awe at the finished work.

“These projects are so worthwhile. Helping people who cannot help themselves makes this job fulfilling and satisfying.”

HIOW CRC, which is responsible for supervising offenders on Community Payback and ensuring they comply with their sentence. and the orders of the court, delivered 37,224 hours in the past six months.

Those ordered to take on unpaid Community Payback work participate in a range of manual tasks, including removing graffiti, litter picking, clearing parks and cemeteries, renovating buildings and work in charity shops.

*The Community Payback Team at HIOW CRC would like to hear about other projects which residents think will make a real difference to their community. Nominate a project for Community Payback.