Community space gains stunning murals thanks to artist on Community Payback

Community space gains stunning murals thanks to artist on Community Payback image

Fabrica, a social enterprise based in North Camp and with two shops in Borden, has a newly decorated community space for local people thanks to Hampshire & Isle of Wight Community Rehabilitation Company (HIOW CRC) service user Imanka. Fabrica specialises in collecting, restoring and selling collectable and vintage items to raise money for good causes such as the survivors of the Chernobyl disaster. It is committed to sustainability, rebuilding shattered communities and helping local residents.

HIOW CRC has recently placed service users on individual placements (IP) to complete their Community Payback hours at Fabrica and groups have assisted the refurbishment of new premises. Imanka undertook his hours at Fabrica in spring 2020. Using his natural artistic talents, he painted two murals for the centre.

Imanka said: “I took a lot of pleasure from the project at Fabrica and it was nice to be able complete a task using my creative talents. It was different from other work I have done and was very fulfilling. The Fabrica people were very pleased with my efforts and it was really nice to get such positive feedback about my work.”

Lisa, from Fabrica, said: “Fabrica for mental wellness was established in North Camp three years ago and has now expanded to two shops in Borden. One of these shops is to be used as a community space for anyone who would like to utilize the space for the benefit of local people. With an emphasis on art it has been a phenomenal experience to have a very talented artist within the Community Payback group. The two murals are a testament to community spirit and the amazing talent that is out there.”

Matt Simpson, Community Payback Manager, said: “Where possible we aim to place service users into work that they find rewarding, where they can see the benefit of what they do. Imanka took great pride in this work and it was the first time he felt he was fully engaged with the aims of Community Payback. He has continued to offer support to Fabrica with further painting following the successful completion of his unpaid work order.”